Online Bull-i-ed Program

You spoke, we listened.  

  Schools are becoming more technological. This version of the program provides more follow-through by creating a prolonged discussion around bullying and responsible decision-making. We now offer our online program where students can read the book online with access to social-emotional learning exercises, mindfulness exercises, critical thinking assignment questions and valuable handouts used in our in-class program. "Bullied: It begins with the 'i'" is easy read and is only 14 chapters. In fact, we have a an audio version available within the program to auditory learners.  Teachers and administration have the flexibility to choose how to use the program with the ability to only assign it as homework, to integrating class-time to engage online, or create discussion by reflecting upon the exercises and assignment questions to whichever works best with their limitations. This program is a vital step to introducing valuable life skills to students who have never been adequately prepared for the challenges life brings. 

  This program was designed to be easy, convenient, and comprehensive. It is available for individuals, teachers, and schools. Go to or click the button to purchase. If you are not able to purchase via paypal or credit card email Jason Lalli at to be invoiced and granted access upon payment. 

"I have gone into gang prevalent schools and was able to reach some of their most troubled students.


You know how I did this? 

By respecting them with a listening ear, a shoulder of strength, an eye for the signs of trauma, a willingness to reach out towards those traumas, a compassionate validating voice, and of course words of empowerment, guidance, encouragement, along with warm hugs, genuine smiles, high fives, and knuckles.

I did not do this with the iron fist of accountability!"


-Jason Lalli-






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